OpenLoo, on the construction of blockchain data for the airdrop track

Recently, OpenLoo has caused great discussion. Why is OpenLoo favored by users? What’s so special about its mechanism and product design? How to build blockchain data on the airdrop track? With these questions, the author interviewed the founder of OpenLoo and will use this article to present readers with a professional on-chain automated airdrop DAPP to see what is special about it.

Q: Can you briefly introduce OpenLoo and the team to us?

A: OpenLoo is a DAPP mainly aimed at novice users, helping novice users to airdrop in batches with zero threshold. In other words, we are a tool to help users to airdrop. Of course, in addition to airdrops, OpenLoo also has batch Mint NFT, Coinlist Create new ones and deploy mining nodes and other services with one click. Our core team has been deeply involved in blockchain for many years and is composed of professionals from the wor